Exact Match
Title Flight
Museum Name National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru
Gallery Name Reserve Collection
Object Type Sculpture
Main Material Black Marble
Main Artist P. R. Pochkhanawala
Period / Year of Work 1923 - 1985
Dimensions 43 x 50 x 100 (H) cm
Brief Description Pochkhanawala's body of work, ranging from intricate preparatory drawings and theatrical sets to monumental public sculptures, explores and applies various materials, textures and techniques innovatively to engage with the concepts of time, space and nature, in a "rare marriage between form and content", as Anahite Contractor notes. "Since Pochkhanawala first began to sculpt in 1951 at the relatively late age of twenty-eight, her obsession was to unscramble the tight boundaries of space which were available to her through the time she existed in. Her arrangement of motifs, the strategic use of negative space around them, the aesthetic disproportions and, occasionally, her violent distortions even within the abstract mode she chose to work with, render to Pochkhanawala's sculpture a keen dynamism even today."