Lord Ganesha relishing modakaq - Laddoo
Title Lord Ganesha relishing modakaq - Laddoo
Accession Number 62.1768
Museum Name National Museum, New Delhi
Gallery Name Paintings
Object Type Painting
Main Material Paper
Medium Natural colour
Main Artist Not known
Artist's Nationality Indian
Origin Place Pahari
Style Basohli
School Pahari
Period / Year of Work dated 1746 c.e.
Inscription Inscription on reverse
Dimensions 28.2 x 21.7 c.m.
Brief Description The painting shows four-armed Ganesha seated on a fully bloomed lotus placed on a pedestal. He carries a bowl full of modaka, Rudraksha mala, lotus and an axe in his four hands. Ganesha is keeping modaka in his mouth by trunk. Ardha chandra (half moon) is placed on his forehead while a snake can be seen around his neck just like a necklace. Ganesha is adorned with pearled jewellery and is shown draped with a yellow lower garment. The god is painted in semi profile,showing his one eye and one tusk. His crown is adorned with three lotus flowers. Ganesha is shown sitting on a golden chauki against a green background under an arched room. Floral designs can be seen on arches made on upper two corners.