Title Untitled
Accession Number acc-no-02814
Museum Name National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru
Gallery Name Reserve Collection
Object Type Painting
Main Material Drawing on Paper
Main Artist V.S. Gaitonde
Artist's Nationality Indian
Artist's Life Date / Bio Data 1924 - 2001
Country India
Dimensions 74 cm x 54 cm
Brief Description Vasudeo S. Gaitonde calls his work "non-objective" and believes that "there is no such thing as abstract art." His work is known for its spiritual quality and characteristic silence that is as meditative as it is eternal and momentous. Plain, large surfaces with paint layered subtly characterize his work. A non- conformist, Gaitonde always kept himself away from anything that would be extraneous to his identity as a painter. "My entire outlook changed when I came to know that the Chinese have no epics to boast of for the single reason that an epic conveys a long period of time and it basically wrong to say, for instance that any age can be heroic. Any abstract feeling- love courage etc can be valid only for a given moment. One is not in love eternally even if the feeling is there, then the ecstasy of the moment cannot be stretched over a long period."