Stupa slab
Title Stupa slab
Accession Number mar-scu-0026
Museum Name Archaeological Survey of India, NagarjunaKonda
Gallery Name Gallery-02
Object Type Sculpture
Main Material Lime stone
Provenance Nagarjunakonda valley,Guntur district,Andhra pradesh
Find Place Nagarjunakonda valley,Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh
Style Nagarjunakonda art.
School Late phase of Amaravathi school
Patron/Dynasty Ikshvakus
Period / Year of Work C. 3rd/4th century CE
Dimensions 136 X 86 X 15 cm
Brief Description Lime Stone- Stupa slab showing Relic casket(purnakumba like) at the bottom, standing devotee and a flying devotee on either side, number of Chhatras on top. Mended.
Detailed Description Slab depicting a stupa without much carvings and belonging to a non-ornamental variety. The central piece shows worship of the Master symbolically in the form of a relic-casket fashioned like a punra-kumbha at the ayaka-vedika level. The ayaka-pata above represents worship of bodhi-tree. The relic casket is flanked by standing devotees. A flying vidya dhara/ devotee is carved on either side at the harmika-level. The dome portion is plain. An attractive, multiple chhatravali tops the harmika. Mended.